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Lavatories & Washcars

Sentag offers a variety of mobile lavatories, often called washcars. Removable partitions can be utilized for flexibility of male and female layouts. Our lavatories and washcars can be pre-built or ready-to-build at your convenience. For the best competitive prices on washcar rentals in Edmonton, contact us today for a free quote.

Self-Contained Lavatories

Self-contained lavatories have built in water and waste holding tanks and are ground level, so no site services are required.
Other benefits are: No blocking, No high stair sets, No skirting, No external tanks or connections, No skilled trades for plumbing connections required.
You can have your project in operation faster and more cost effectively than alternatives in the market.

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Keep your worksite clean with Sentag Modular Lavatories and Washcars

Need a Lavatory or Washcar in Alberta? Sentag Modular carries a variety of modular lavatory solutions designed to meet your project needs. Whether you’re in Edmonton, Calgary, or a remote location throughout Alberta, we can provide our bathroom and wash units to accommodate your workforce.

To ensure maximum comfort and hygiene, we offer a large variety of lavatory layouts and dimensions to choose from and optional accessories such as steps and landings, transportation, pre-built or ready-to-build, and either self-contained lavatories or lavatories that install onsite.

With Sentag Modular lavatory solutions, it’s easy to rent a portable trailer for your construction site, school, special event, or whatever purpose you require throughout Alberta.

Calgary & Edmonton Lavatory & Washcar Rentals



What is a ‘self-contained’ lavatory?

Self-contained lavatories save time and money as you can have you project in operation faster and without costly utility hook ups and set up time. Our self-contained lavatories have built-in water and waste holding tanks and are ground level, so no site services are required. This translates into a variety of benefits such as no blocking, no high stair sets, no skirting, no external tanks or connections, and no skilled trades for plumbing connections required.

What are the optional features available for lavatories and washcars?

We have modular lavatory solutions in an array of different dimensions and layouts as well as self-contained lavatory options. Browse our products or contact us for more details on which lavatory or washcar works best for your worksite. We also offer additional accessories such as stairs and railings, above-ground waste tanks (1000 gallon or 500 gallon), skirting and onsite installation, transportation, and tank connection onsite.

What is included in a lavatory and washcar?

Depending on the type, dimensions and layout of your mobile lavatory or washcar, they can include anywhere from two toilets, one urinal, and two sinks on the smallest mobile unit, to seven toilets, four urinals, eight sinks, and a mop sink on the larger units. Of course, custom layout designs, removable partitions, and optional accessories can alter the services you receive depending on what you require for your worksite or location.

What work needs to be done on the mobile lavatory when it arrives?

For our standard lavatory and washcars, above-ground waste tanks, heating, power and tank connections must be done onsite. However, as mentioned, our self-contained lavatories can save you time and money by mitigating the set-up of your modular solution by having no site services required. With built-in water and waste holding tanks, your lavatory or washcar is ready to go when it arrives on-site!


Our units come pre-built or ready-to-build for your convenience