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Lavatories & Washcars

Sentag offers a variety of mobile lavatories, often called washcars. Removable partitions can be utilized for flexibility of male and female layouts. Our lavatories and washcars can be pre-built or ready-to-build at your convenience. For the best competitive prices on washcar rentals in Edmonton, contact us today for a free quote.

Self-Contained Lavatories

Self-contained lavatories have built in water and waste holding tanks and are ground level, so no site services are required.
Other benefits are: No blocking, No high stair sets, No skirting, No external tanks or connections, No skilled trades for plumbing connections required.
You can have your project in operation faster and more cost effectively than alternatives in the market.

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Lavatory & Washcar Rentals in Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta


Our units come pre-built or ready-to-build for your convenience