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Sentag Modular Manufacturing has a wide range of wheeled and skidded mobile office units for all of your needs. All of our buildings carry Alberta Part 10 and CSA A277 labels and our steel components are CWB certified to CSA Standard W47.1-09, but we are able to build our office units to the specifications of your region.

Alberta Portable Office Trailer Sales and Rentals

In addition to new and used sales of mobile office units, we also offer rental for mobile office units. Our rental office units do not have contractual timelines and we don’t charge you surprise cleaning or minor maintenance repair fees like some other companies.

Wheeled office rental & sale

Wheeled Offices

Wheeled office units are easily portable and ideal for sites where space is limited. These units work great where there are delicate ground conditions, tight access, or when the office has to relocate often.

Skid office rental

Skid Offices

Skid offices come in a multitude of different configurations and are mounted on a steel frame that sits on the ground. These units are ideal for site offices, lunchrooms, security posts or wherever mobile space is required.

Solutions To All Your Needs

If you are in the market for a portable Edmonton office space, our units come pre-built or ready-to-build for your convenience.

Do your mobile office rentals come with private washrooms?

While our modular office buildings come in a variety of dimensions and configurations, most do not come equipped with washrooms. However, our skid office units have the option of adding a self-contained bathroom in our 12’ x 40’ and 12’ x 60’ dimensions.

What optional features are available with your mobile office trailers?

Our modular office units have a large variety of optional office accessories that our clients can add such as steps and landings, platforms, stairs, railings, partition walls with 36” doors, skirting, onsite installation, and security items such as door security bars, and window screens.

Contact us for more rental information on which additional office accessories you require for your modular office solution.

Is office equipment included with your rental services?

As an additional accessory on your mobile office units, you can add office furniture such as desks, rolling chairs, folding tables, folding chairs, file cabinets and much more.

Contact us for more details on the rental office equipment that can be included in your rental.

What is the difference between wheeled and skid office units?

Skid office units are available in a multitude of different office configurations and are mounted on a steel frame that sits on the ground.

On the other hand, wheeled office units are easily transportable and useful for commercial sites where space is limited and mobility is necessary. They are also effective at worksites where the ground is delicate or soft and access to services or space is tight.

How long can I use portable mobile office trailers?

You can use a mobile office for several weeks to a few months or even longer. They have a life expectancy of 1-5 years and usually serve as temporary locations for businesses that often move sites like construction.

Is site prep required before I bring in my mobile office?

Yes, you do need to do some basic site work. This includes; ensuring the area is flat, dry, and free of debris and rock. Also consider other factors when choosing your site like the drainage, so as to avoid flooding.

Besides site prep, how else should I prepare for the delivery of my mobile site office?

Whether you rent or buy, it is always important to find out what the local zoning and permit requirements are for your area. As mobile offices are considered “temporary structures, you do not typically need a permit if you are planning to keep it on your property for a short period of time. Contact your local authorities to find out what requirements you must follow in regards to your mobile office.

During delivery, it is always a good idea to make sure to have some additional workers available to guarantee smooth delivery. Also, once the mobile office is properly installed on your property, double-check with the Sentag office trailer specialist that all water, sewer, electric, and gas connections are properly placed.

What kind of routine maintenance would I need to perform?

Once the mobile office is installed on your property, you are responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness of the unit and site drainage around the building. To ensure that your unit does not experience any water damage, deterioration, or contamination that you may be liable for, please make sure that you keep up with routine maintenance and immediately call Sentag Modular Manufacturing if you find any water leaks inside the unit.

For more information, be sure to contact one of the experts at Sentag Modular Manufacturing.

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