Custom Modular Buildings

Modular building is a method of offsite construction in a controlled plant environment using the same materials, code compliance, and standards as conventional site-built structures. The finished modular buildings are shipped to site and installed into position. Once assembled, these units are indistinguishable from a traditional sitebuilt structure and are completed up to 30-50% faster.

Modular Construction Schedule

  • Design & Engineering
  • Permits & Approvals
  • Site Development & Foundations
    Building Construction at Plant
  • Install & Site
  • Time Savings

Site Built Construction Schedule

  • Design & Engineering
  • Permits & Approvals
  • Site Development & Foundations
  • Building Construction
  • Site Restoration

The Benefits of Building A Custom Modular Building in Edmonton and Calgary

Our process is simple: first, we start each custom building project by determining what your specific needs are. Next, our team of in-house engineers and designers will conceive a modular building that will meet your needs as well as hold up under the conditions of the region you are in.

There are plenty of advantages of getting a custom modular building built for your site. These include, but aren’t limited to, cost and quality control, speed and sustainability.

Budget Certainty and Cost Control

With Modular construction, our clients are given greater control over issues that may impact their schedule and budget. Sentag adheres to agreed pricing and delivery schedules that give precise solutions with no variances due to production line assembly. Lower labour costs and overhead allow modular construction to be more predictable and more cost-effective.


Sentag Modular Manufacturing’s buildings are all constructed under constant monitoring to ensure consistent quality for our customers. Our plant offers a climate-controlled setting, intensive quality control procedures and a third-party certification process, surpassing industry standards.


As modular buildings can be built at 130–150% the speed of traditional site-built structures, we can ensure that your building is ready for occupancy sooner than a site-built structure.


Modular buildings are relocatable; reusable, and can be refurbished and repurposed. They also allow for a smaller carbon footprint when used to reduce travel to and from site. Finally, Sentag is dedicated to minimizing waste in our manufacturing processes, which is something we think our customers are proud to support.

Start-to-Finish Manufacturing
All in House

Our team can handle all of your welding, framing, electrical, plumbing & finishing needs.

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Custom Modular Units

Custom modular buildings have been used in the past for healthcare facilities, on-site accommodations for housing, office spaces, for educational purposes such as temporary classrooms, and more.

    Solutions To All Your Needs

    Our units come pre-built or ready-to-build for your convenience.

    What is Sentag’s turnaround time on custom modular building projects?

    In order to maintain some of the quickest delivery and turnaround time in the industry, Sentag manufactures custom modular building projects simultaneously with site work. This allows projects to be completed 30-50% faster than conventional modular buildings. This dramatically decreases delays due to weather and saves you money by completing construction sooner.

    Will utilizing a custom modular solution save money?

    Almost certainly, a custom modular building will save your project money. Sentag is an OEM producer which allows us to maintain budgets on builds and keep your projects on track. Sentag custom designs and manufactures modular units in our facility which enables us to offer single units and multi-unit complexes in a range of sizes and configurations which provides you greater control over your project and construction issues that may impact schedules and budgets.

    What is the process for manufacturing a custom modular building?

    At Sentag Modular, we begin each custom modular building project by determining our customer’s specific needs. Once we understand our customer’s requirements, our team of in-house designers and engineers will produce a plan for a modular building that will meet those needs. Finally, our custom modular unit is built at our facility while site development and foundations occur simultaneously. This can save you money and time on your projects.

    What other benefits are there for choosing a sentag custom modular building?

    In addition to the time, money, and resources saved by choosing Sentag for your custom modular units, Sentag is committed to sustainability in all our operations. We are continually developing our manufacturing process to minimize our environmental impact. During production, we work to reuse and recycle all by-products in order to help bring us closer to a sustainable society.

    Can I rent a custom modular building?

    Since these modular solutions are created to fit uniqueness, we do not create to rent. If looking at renting, visit our site or contact us to find a unit that fits your needs.

    How long do custom modular buildings last?

    Custom modular buildings can last for upwards of three years if taken care of properly. At Sentag, our modules are monitored throughout production, ensuring the highest level of consistent quality. Regular maintenance of the modular building also plays a key part in ensuring it lasts longer.

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