Lavatory & Washcar Rentals

11' x 24' Skid Lavatory(Self Contained)

Self-contained lavatories have built in water and waste holding tanks and are ground level, so no site services are required.
Other benefits are:

  • No blocking
  • No high stair sets
  • No skirting
  • No external tanks or connections
  • No skilled trades for plumbing connections required

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Building Size
264 sq. ft
25000 lbs
120/240 volt single phase 40 amp
Forced air, in floor ducting, downdraft furnace (NAT or LPG)

Additional Information

  • Skid Frame: Heavy double member skid

  • Floor: Polyflor commercial vinyl flooring

  • Exterior Siding: Prefinished metal siding and trims

  • Interior: Vinyl-Clad drywall

  • Exterior Doors: Solid-core door with knob and deadbolt and 11” x 18” window

  • Roof: EPDM (rubber) roof membrane

  • Heating: Forced Air, in floor ducting, downdraft furnace (NAT or LPG)

  • Power Req.: 120/240, single phase, 40 amp service, electrical panel, wall receptacles, data and telephone conduits, 25’ chord

  • Fixtures: (4) toilets, (3) urinals, (5) sinks

  • Capacity: 500 gallons water, 500 gallons waste with alarms

  • Steps and landings (platform, stairs and railings)

  • Transportation


Our units come pre-built or ready-to-build for your convenience