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Wheeled Office Units

Wheeled office trailers are easily portable and ideal rental options for sites where space is limited. These trailers work great where there are delicate ground conditions, tight access or when the office trailer has to relocate often.

Skid Office Units

Skid office trailers come in a multitude of different configurations and are mounted on a steel frame that sits on the ground. These trailer units are ideal for site offices, lunchrooms, security posts, or anywhere else mobile space is required.

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Do your rental mobile offices come with private washrooms?

Sentag’s wheeled office units and skid office units in Edmonton are a great solution for mobile office space services. While our modular office buildings come in a variety of dimensions and configurations, most do not come equipped with washrooms as well. However, our skid office units have the option of adding a self-contained bathroom in our 12’ x 40’ and 12’ x 60’ dimensions.

What optional features are available for with your mobile office services?

Our modular office units have a large variety of optional office accessories that our clients can add such as steps and landings, platforms, stairs, railings, partition walls with 36” doors, skirting and onsite installation, and security items such as door security bars, and window screens.

Contact us for more rental information on which additional office accessories you require for your Edmonton modular office solution.

Is office equipment included with the rental services?

As an additional accessory on your Edmonton mobile office units, you can add office furniture such as desks, rolling chairs, folding tables, folding chairs, file cabinets and much more.

Contact us for more details on the rental office equipment that can be included in your rental.

What is the difference between wheeled and skid office units?

Skid office units are available in a multitude of different office configurations and are mounted on a steel frame that sits on the ground.

On the other hand, wheeled office units are easily transportable and useful for commercial sites where space is limited and mobility is necessary. They are also effective at worksites where the ground is delicate or soft and access to services or space is tight.

How long can I use a mobile office?

You can use a mobile office for several weeks to a few months or even longer. They have a life expectancy of 1-5 years and usually serve as temporary locations for businesses that often move sites like construction.

Is site prep required before I bring in my mobile office?

Yes, you do need to do some basic site work. These include; ensuring the area is flat, dry, and free of debris and rock. Also consider other factors when choosing your site like the drainage, so as to avoid flooding.

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Our units come pre-built or ready-to-build for your convenience