Custom Modular Building Manufacturing in Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta

Modular building is a method of offsite construction in a controlled plant environment using the same materials, code compliance, and standards as conventional site build structures. The finished modular buildings are shipped to site and installed into position.  Once assembled, these units are indistinguishable from a traditional site built structure and are completed up to 30-50% faster.

Sentag Modular starts each custom project by finding out the customer’s specific need.  Next, our team of in house designers and engineers produce a plan for a modular building that will meet these requirements. Below are a few of the many benefits of modular construction compared to traditional site-built structures.

Budget Certainty and Cost
Modular construction provides greater control over your project and construction issues that impact schedules and budgets.   Sentag adheres to agreed pricing and delivery schedules that give precise solutions with no variances due to production line assembly.  Lower labor costs and overhead allow modular construction to be more cost-effective.

Sentag modules are monitored throughout production, ensuring the highest level of consistent quality. Our plant offers a climate controlled setting, intensive quality control procedures and a third party certification process, surpassing industry standards.

Timeline/Speed to market
Sentag manufactures modular buildings simultaneous with site work. This allows projects to be completed 30-50% faster than conventional building.  In addition, delays due to weather are eliminated. With construction completed sooner, there is a quicker return on investment.

Environmentally Friendly
Modular buildings are relocatable; reusable, and can be refurbished and repurposed. They also offer a smaller carbon footprint with less travel to and from site, minimal waste and increased labor efficiency.

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Our units come pre-built or ready-to-build for your convenience